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The Giubileo Botanicals Company, was born inautumn of 2014, from the listening of the main needs of customers by the Doctor Elisa Giubileo, graduated in pharmacy and specialist in food sciences.

Starting from the person’s health problem, the Giubileo Botanicals team identifiesthe most suitable natural supplement to solve the problem..

The natural supplements based on medicinal plants marketed today and offered with the Giubileo Botanicalsbrand, derive from years of use in pharmacy and consequent proven efficacy.

THE LINE OF Giubileo Botanicals

They are born from the experience of pharmacists, led by Doctor Elisa Giubileo, who for decades has dedicated herself to the Phytotherapy sector , with passion, research and continuous studies.

The mission is to formulate compounds with concentrated and titrated extracts of medicinal plants, without ever losing sight of the naturalness and quality of the supplements, in order to protect the health of consumers.

The excellent value money/quality is aimed to allow to terminate a complete monthly treatment to anyone who approaches to the Giubileo Botanicals.

Expertise and scientific literature guide the team to the final formulation of the products. All supplements are produced in Italy and they are gluten-free.

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